Our Vision

At Tri O Tech, we strive to enable and build digital payments for everyone in India. We envision a cashless India, where every citizen is financially aware and independent. We aim to utilise our PPI to issue safer, faster, unified wallets and payment solutions.


For Bharat by Bharat

Financial empowerment of people is our ultimate goal.

- PM Narendra Modi
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Easy and fast

Our payments solutions are end-to-end, which means we can help you launch your fintech product as fast as possible. From building the tech stack, to issuing accounts & cards, we've got all bases covered for you.

Built for safety
and trust

Our risk and fraud engines are iron clad. Built meticulously to eradicate any suspicious activity at its root, our PPI stack comes with the highest safety standards and checks in place.

built for scale

At Tri O Tech, our stack is designed to handle large transaction volumes and scale payments rapidly. We always think of users first, ensure high payment success rates, and provide smooth resolution.

Our Products

Spending Account

Spending Account

Tri O Tech's PPI-UPI stack powers the payments of 1 million users of FamX

Accelarating Payments

Accelarating Payments

We've helped evolve their UPI and card payments to become some of the fastest in the country.

Personalised cards

Personalised cards

Card payments made fun for the users, while also safe and secure with Tri O Tech

People that make Tri O Tech possible

Meet the faces who believe in the power of financial inclusion.